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Some people are challenged in their lives with obstacles most of us do not face. Our mission is to make their lives better and more enjoyable through a new generation of medical products and services.

Reimaging The Healthcare Experience

The next generation of truly personal medical products is based on a deep understanding of medical requirements and the involvement of clinicians in the process. They could be fully customized with an iPad app to allow patients to express their personal style. The product is custom-made from 3D scan by an autoadaptive design.

Printed orthosis
Printed orthosis
Printed orthosis

Design For Emotions

We believe people with prostheses should be able to express themselves and feel self-confident again. Emotions make life happier and more enjoyable. This is an exciting solution for those who are unhappy with the appearance of standard prostheses.

Hand Prosthesis
Hand Prosthesis
Hand Prosthesis

Proud To Assist Surgeons

We help plan complex surgeries for doctors and clinicians in four countries by creating virtual and physical 3D-printed surgical guides and medical models. Benefits include eliminating risks, more precise surgery and higher success rates. We believe one day every hospital will have its own 3D printing department, just as each has, for instance, its own radiology department (CT, MRI or X-ray).

Medical planning

About Us

We are a high-tech medical startup company focused on research & development, advanced technologies and clinical application.

We focus deeply on the synergy of cutting-edge technology with the human touch to produce the most personal wearables ever.

We are proudly based in Ostrava, Czech Republic. We cooperate with medical partners in 10 countries, and our ambition is to reinvent the application of cutting-edge technology in medical field world-wide.

Contact Us

Jiri Rosicky
Invent Medical Group s.r.o.
+420 777 701 511

Moravian Silesian region

Invent Medical is currently the principal investigator for the "Direct Digital Manufacturing for orthotics, prosthetics and other related fields" project, with financial support from the Moravian-Silesian Region.

Moravian Silesian region

Invent Medical is currently the principal investigator for the project with financial support from European Union.
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